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Camera surveillance

High quality images

SAM Security has been an acknowledged camera surveillance installer for more than 30 years.  These last few years, the image quality increased. This means it is possible to place Ultra HD image (4K) cameras.

We protect houses all across Flanders and abroad. Belgians with a second home in Spain or Portugal have trusted us on many occasions to install cameras there. We make sure they can keep an eye on things from here.

Tailor-made security cameras

We have a wide range of quality cameras and high-level technological applications for the protection of industrial buildings or special installations, such as ships, bridges and locks: a job we've done for the entire port of Antwerp.

For these kinds of tasks, we can work on a tailor-made camera protection system. You could go for anti-explosion cameras, infra-red- or thermal imaging cameras, for example, in order to protect ships or oil rigs.

What's more: when the power is down, our systems will continue to work for at least 24 hours. It's also possible to combine camera surveillance with license plate recognition.

During our risk analysis, we will have a look at what you wish to protect with your cameras. What is it you want to see? What do you need the images for? For how long do you need to keep the images?

You do however always need to inform people your building is equipped with camera surveillance, both in the building and outside. You will also need to register the camera surveillance at the privacy commissie, and it is forbidden to film the public road.