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Burglary protection

Why choose a certified incert installer?

SAM Security is an acknowledged INCERT installer for the professional installation of burglary security systems. We help you protect your house, your office building or sensitive information on your businesses' server against unwanted visitors.

Burglary detection with or without external signalling room

The burglary detection alarms we place are composed of a main control room, keyboards, sensors and sirens. Based on a risk analysis and in collaboration with you, we determine what you need. It's also possible to choose to transmit the main control room's signal to an external signalling room (optional). That way, you have a back-up to monitor alarm signals more easily.

Wireless or cabled burglary detection system

If possible, SAM Security prefers a cabled burglary protection. We make sure the cables are discreetly tucked away in your home. With cables, the system is less subjected to perturbations and even more reliable.

In certain sectors, wireless installations are allowed. Those are easier to install but do have a few inconveniences. Contact our specialized collaborators to have a look at the technical possibilities and to see which burglary alarm suits you best. 

You are required to register your burglary alarm with the privacy commission. This allows the police to intervene fast and efficiently when your burglary detection system triggers an alarm.